A mobile Surf Sauna sauna to use once you’ve ridden icy cold waves off the coast of wherever? Why the devil not! That was the idea from a group of surfers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire who had cut their teeth in the cold New England waters and, wanted a warm retreat after donning their wetsuit in temperatures below zero. The Surf Sauna concept was born, and all it took was a Makerspace and a dream-team of master craftsmen and the project morphed into reality and the first eight-seater Western Red Cedar-based Surf Sauna came off the production line.

Surf Sauna_01

Surf Sauna_02

Surf Sauna_03

Surf Sauna_04

Surf Sauna_05

Surf Sauna_06

Surf Sauna_07

Surf Sauna_08

Surf Sauna_09

Surf Sauna_10