Artist Karolina Albricht visits the current Peter DoigEarly Works’ exhibition at Michael Werner Gallery, London. The exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Doig’s formative works from the 1980s and includes several paintings and drawings shown for the first time.

Peter Doig

I first became fascinated by Doig’s work while studying in ArtEZ, Holland. I think it must have been 2006. His painting was absolutely fresh in a mystical, otherworldly way which every time since makes me want to just somehow get on the other side of the painting and discover the dreamy landscapes on my own.

Peter Doig Contemplating Culture

Then there’s the colour that brings to mind Chagall and Gauguin, different textures, playfulness and sort of innocence mixed with nostalgia. His embodies a true painter’s mind. The most captivating aspect of his painting is the air of ‘unfinished-finished’ result, fun and even awkwardness. It seems Doig is not afraid to experiment, discover, change and reshape… consequently revealing paintings most vibrant and full-bodied.

Peter Doig's "I think it's timeÖ"

This, I think relates to his ‘Early Works’ exhibition quite well- the selection of paintings and drawings unveils the ability to challenge the boundaries, experiment with different range of techniques and styles (especially many references to pop art appear). His sources range from music, cinema, photography and popular culture imagery just as in his painterly language of today.

Peter Doig Chez Paree
This exhibition is a unique and fascinating experience. It uncovers Peter Doig- one of the most accomplished contemporary artists- and offers the viewer to follow his path and sneak a peek at the staring point of his career. Instead of looking at the ‘ready product’ we become spectators set in time, already knowing what awaits us at the end of Doig’s artistic journey.

Peter Doig Red Sienna

It is a confession of an artist making the banality of a phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ happen. We can notice the making of his painterly language in ‘At the Edge of Town’. The structure of landscape, distinctive horizon line with outlines of trees against the cloudy, purplish sky. The painting has this haunting vibe to it, so present in Doig’s current work.


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Peter Doig Early Works is on now through 31 May 2014 at Michael Werner Gallery, London.
Images courtesy of Michael Werner Gallery