Rémi Noël – Batman in Texas

Fascinated by American culture and by the state of Texas, French photographer Rémi Noël has created a series of tongue-in-cheek images of a Batman figurine taking in the sites and scenery of Houston all the way to Dallas. The result is a set of stunning black and white images that bring the artist’s figurine to life in an emotive, inventive and full of character version of Toy Story.

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_00

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_01

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_02

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_03

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_04

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_05

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_06

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_07

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_08

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_09

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_10

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_11

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_12

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_13

Rémi Noël - Batman in Texas_14

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  1. brownie58 says:

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    Fantastic! Check it out…

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  1. […] Rémi Noel’s awesome post Batman in Texas shouldn’t be spoiled by ragged copy cats like me. But I can’t help it. I’m going to take Shaun the sheep on tour today. Now that the damage is done anyway… Get your Snoopies, Barbies, stuffed animals, matchbox cars off the shelf and out of the closet, bring’em to places they’ve never seen before. […]

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