The new colourful Urs Fischer exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ gallery sees an installation of 3,000 plaster raindrops suspended throughout the gallery. Swiss artist Fischer’s show entitled Melodrama, the raindrops encompass a spectrum of shades from green to lilac, massing together into a gently psychedelic storm cloud which weaves in a swirling movement through the space.
Urs Fischer_01
Yet their forms are incongruously physical each droplet is a bulbous pendant cast from a hand modelled prototype, and hangs from the ceiling by lengths of near invisible monofilament. The installation’s romantic overtones collide with a bluntly cartoonish quality, bordering on the slapstick, that resonates with the double edged register of much of Fischer’s art.
Urs Fischer_02
Dispersed and amorphous, the installation swells through the length and breadth of the gallery, at the same time as it frenetically splits the space and circumscribes our movement within it. Fischer skews our sense of scale viewers become Lilliputians within the sea of oversize drops – while simultaneously he effaces basic distinctions between outside and inside, architecture and landscape.
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We are required to pass through narrow channels, to the extent that it is perhaps impossible to perceive the work in its totality.
Urs Fischer_03
The work is emblematic of a strain of fairytale-style surrealism that pervades Fischer’s work, manifested variously by his wryly anthropomorphic furniture (including a lilac-hued grand piano collapsing droopingly like one of Dalí’s melting watches) or by the wax effigies which slowly implode into formlessness as wicks burn within them. Myriads of coloured droplets have featured explicitly in Fischer’s earlier work.
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This is the third in a series of expansive installations of raindrops.
Urs Fischer_12
Urs Fischer_11
Urs Fischer_10
Urs Fischer_09
Urs Fischer_08
Urs Fischer_07
Urs Fischer_06
Urs Fischer_05
Urs Fischer_04
Urs Fischer ‘Melodrama’ is on now until 18 January 2014 at Sadie Coles HQ 62 Kingly St London W1.