Emmanuelle Moureaux has created a visual ode to drinking Coca-Cola in ‘Sparkling Bubbles’, which sees 800 acrylic transparent spheres suspended from the ceiling in an undulating wave of varying heights. The project, a collaboration with designer  Thomas Meyerhoffer that will be shown at Any Tokyo. The sculptural installation seeks to evoke the sensations from drinking the iconic fizzy beverage with each small circle that makes up the structure enclosing tiny air bubbles at its core, alluding to the sparkling, fizzing drink.
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Emmanuelle Moureaux Sparkling Bubbles_01

The tornado shaped composition is layered in diverse chroma, dyed 34 delicate shades and hues that gradually shift to monochromatic white at its core.
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The small shapes all funneling into the heritage glass, providing Moureaux’s own encapsulation of the personal emotions, memories, and nostalgia from drinking Coca-Cola and hoping that visitors do too.

Emmanuelle Moureaux Sparkling Bubbles_02

Emmanuelle Moureaux Sparkling Bubbles_03

Emmanuelle Moureaux Sparkling Bubbles_04

Emmanuelle Moureaux Sparkling Bubbles_05

Emmanuelle Moureaux Sparkling Bubbles_06