Upon first inspection, French photographer Alain Delorme has created stunning imagery of a natural wildlife phenomenon. His series, ‘Murmurations‘ – exhibited at Taubert Contemporary Gallery, Berlin earlier this month – seemingly captures flocks of birds in all their balletic and graceful beauty. However, the shapes are in fact a series of shapes created with thousands of plastic bags, not birds, meticulously arranged to merge into a bird like form. Delorme created the digital pieces to reflect the idea of a land art installation, metamorphosing natural spaces through an artistic intervention that sees a cloud-like dance against a polychromatic sunset.

Alain Delorme Murmurations_01

Alain Delorme Murmurations_02

Alain Delorme Murmurations_03

Alain Delorme Murmurations_04

Alain Delorme Murmurations_05

Alain Delorme Murmurations_06

Alain Delorme Murmurations_07