One of life’s simple, but unashamedly amusing moments is seeing dogs furiously attempting to shake water off themselves.
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An Oregon-based animal photographer Carli Davidson has documented this playful moment by capturing a series of entertaining facial expressions of canines in a book entitled, SHAKE. The simple act of the dogs struggling to dry themselves is transformed into a hilarious series of portraits that distorts and warps their faces. Various breeds are seen with their droopy jowls flapping, fur in all directions, and eyes seemingly bulging out of their sockets as, all the while, drool and water propels around the frame.
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Carli Davidson Dog Shake_01

Carli Davidson Dog Shake_02

Carli Davidson Dog Shake_03

Carli Davidson Dog Shake_04

Carli Davidson Dog Shake_05

Carli Davidson Dog Shake_06

All images © Carli Davidson