Creativity meets equal rights campaign in the shape of the Rainbow Room, an art installation by Cape Town, South Africa-based designer Pierre Le Riche. The colourful piece of art takes a critical look at the sociological implications of Afrikaner masculine hegemony on homosexuality in post-apartheid South Africa. Le Riche has created a traditional Afrikaans family living room using the colours of the gay pride flag and playful yarn bombing on furniture.
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Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_01
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On a television is the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final match, a poignant moment in South African history, hosted in the country it saw the host nation win and the picture of Francois Pienaar receiving the cup from Nelson Mandela is one of the most memorable in recent history.  Using this masculine backdrop Le Riche questions the acceptance of same-sex relations.
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Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_02

Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_03

Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_04

Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_05
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Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_06

Rainbow Room - Pierre Le Riche_07