Sustainable living is grabbing a hold of all of us, forget 3D printing, recycling, reusing and re-selling old, unwanted materials has never been more ‘on trend’. Williamsburg, New York-based furniture design company Recycled Brooklyn – the clue is in the name – are masters in making sustainable items fashionable must-haves. They do this by ensuring that discarded wood and metal piping are not just sent to clog up landfill sites, but is salvaged and turned into stunning everyday furniture pieces with cutting edge design at their core. It gets better, each item comes with its very own NYC transit map detailing exact coordinates to where the component parts were salvaged from.
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[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Recycled Brooklyn is the brainchild of designer brothers Matthew and Steven Loftice who moved to New York and realised that furniture was a lot cheaper if you do it yourself. One discarded door and a few metal pipe legs later, a desk was made and then inadvertently, a dream job and business. The brothers found that there was a growing appetite for sustainably made furniture and after rummaging through building sites and reclaimed property found that salvaged wood was easy to find and the company was born. I dare you to not want one of their creations below, I want the lot…
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Recycled Brooklyn_00

Recycled Brooklyn_01

Recycled Brooklyn_02

Recycled Brooklyn_03

Recycled Brooklyn_04

Recycled Brooklyn_05

Recycled Brooklyn_06

Recycled Brooklyn_07

Recycled Brooklyn_08

Recycled Brooklyn_09

Recycled Brooklyn_10

Recycled Brooklyn_11

Recycled Brooklyn_12
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Recycled Brooklyn_13

Recycled Brooklyn_14

Recycled Brooklyn_15

Recycled Brooklyn_16

Recycled Brooklyn_17

Recycled Brooklyn_18

Recycled Brooklyn_19

Recycled Brooklyn_20

Recycled Brooklyn_21

Recycled Brooklyn_22

Recycled Brooklyn_23

Recycled Brooklyn_24

Recycled Brooklyn_25

Recycled Brooklyn_26

Recycled Brooklyn_27