New Hampshire-born, Rhode Island-based conceptual artist Dave Cole mixes craft with political messaging, often making the viewer rethink their thoughts on national identity and patriotism. Cole’s protean craftsmanship gives voice to both a scholarly knowledge of this nation’s past and a conscientious understanding of what it means to be American in today’s society. His work is a poetic inquisition into the path of empire; it is also a silver-lined bow to the impartial course of time.

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Some of Cole’s finest works come from exploring these themes and creating bold, sculptural pieces that allow for play and breathe new life into typically industrial machinery. The Music Box is a perfect example of this, with a 13-ton asphalt steamroller reconstructed and, mostly, meticulously reproduced into a working music box that plays ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. Other works including Jackhammer Orchestra’, ‘Singer‘ and the ‘Knitting Machine‘ have all seen Cole play his own artistic games with the American Dream, you can’t help but love him for that!

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