German-born Franziska von Tschurtschenthaler never wanted to be a model, but is fast becoming one of the most talked about models around. The 24 year old from Munich has even got her own model alias, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, or Cisco for short. An avid surfer and deeply spiritual new age traveller, Cisco spends her time away from the camera’s lens by finding inner zen with daily transcendental meditation.
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Away from the hippie vibe is a stunning blue-eyed model whose effortless beauty has attracted a host of top photographers and her latest shoot for Treats Magazine with David Bellemere is her hottest yet.
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Cisco - David Bellemere_01

Cisco - David Bellemere_02

Cisco - David Bellemere_03

Cisco - David Bellemere_04
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Cisco - David Bellemere_05

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