The immensely popular Light Show at London’s Hayward Gallery is the latest in the Southbank gallery’s great succession of entertainment shows. The exhibition shines bright with series of art that twinkles, glistens, glitters, radiates and glows. For anyone that loves neon lights or even that horrible 90s office strip lighting – this will blow your mind – it is basically LED porn. All of the works use light to shape and sculpt space while creating a discourse about experience and perception.
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Light Show - Hayward Gallery_04

Everything in it, no matter how advanced, complex, fetching or trite, is theatrical, not least because everything has the instant appeal – or advantage – of luminosity. It’s a pleasure trip for all and a tonic for the gloomy or tired in particular, each work being as brightly beautiful as the next.
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Light Show - Hayward Gallery_10

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_09

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_08

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_07
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Light Show - Hayward Gallery_06

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_05

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_00

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_03

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_02

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_01

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_12

Light Show - Hayward Gallery_13
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Light Show at The Hayward Gallery is on now until Monday 6 May 2013