New York-born Maximilian Rivera is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Miami. Self-taught Rivera has come a long way – not just in miles from New York, but also in skill – taking just over two years to hone his craft. Now in Miami, his keen eye and attention to detail have been put to good use with a stunning portraiture series with some of the town’s commercial models.
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His shoot with Elite’s Leticia Santos stands out, oozing sexuality with an array of colour and black and white shots.
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Maximilian Rivera_01

Maximilian Rivera_02

Maximilian Rivera_03

Maximilian Rivera_04

Maximilian Rivera_05

Maximilian Rivera_06

Maximilian Rivera_07

Maximilian Rivera_08
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Maximilian Rivera_09

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Maximilian Rivera_11

Maximilian Rivera_12

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Maximilian Rivera_17

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Maximilian Rivera_19

Maximilian Rivera_20

Maximilian Rivera_21

Maximilian Rivera_22

Maximilian Rivera_23

Maximilian Rivera_24

Maximilian Rivera_25

Maximilian Rivera_26

Maximilian Rivera_27
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Maximilian Rivera_28

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