In an old mechanics shop in Denver, Colorado is Fin Art Co. the brainchild of childhood friends Rob McGowan and Ben Olsen. Fin Art takes salvage furniture to new heights, melding together vintage materials into truly masterful pieces of modern furniture. Scouring old junk yards to sort through piles of forgotten material, the team take someone’s has-been and turn it into a brand new, authentic and current piece for the buoyant furniture market. As Rob and Ben say, “doing what you love is the key to success” and their spirit is evident in this stunning film by Boyte Creative.
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[vimeo w=640&h=272]

It goes to show that money isn’t everything to creative souls and these two ingenious, fertile minds just want to make stuff and work with raw materials and transform cast-offs into signature household pieces – that is what makes them tick and, in turn, makes there work so great!

Fin Art_01

Fin Art_02

Fin Art_03

Fin Art_04

Fin Art_05
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Fin Art_06

Fin Art_07

Fin Art_08

Fin Art_09

Fin Art_10

Fin Art_11

Fin Art_12

Fin Art_13

Fin Art_14
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Fin Art_15

All images are courtesy of Boyte Creative

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