Emily Ratajkowski by Steve Shaw

Polish American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, ditches her former kids TV role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and is shot leaving very little to the imagination by Steve Shaw for arty fashion porn magazine Treats! The California-based beauty, who is with Ford in L.A., whose stunning cheekbones and other obvious assets are a mere second to her lips, that will have you lingering over for them days.

Despite Ratajkowski’s seriously stunning beauty, we can’t help but ponder the demise of creative fashion photography, with the industry seemingly going down a ‘less-is-more’ route these days. It is starting to feel the nightmare may become a reality and, soon, we’ll be seeing models strut down catwalks with no clothes on at all and images of the designer’s collection only visible via Augmented Reality or some other digital crap.

Emily Ratajkowski_Steve Shaw_Treats Magazine_01

Emily Ratajkowski_Steve Shaw_Treats Magazine_02

Emily Ratajkowski_Steve Shaw_Treats Magazine_03

Emily Ratajkowski_Steve Shaw_Treats Magazine_04

Emily Ratajkowski_Steve Shaw_Treats Magazine_05

Emily Ratajkowski_Steve Shaw_Treats Magazine_07

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