Saville Row London is not just home to fine tailors, it is also where you will find the Hauser and Wirth gallery which is currently presenting ‘Mindfuck’ from the renowned American artist Bruce Nauman. The exhibition features a selection of works throughout his career that, in his own way, takes visitors on a journey through Nauman’s view of life, sex and death.
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From the artist that famously said he wanted his work to symbolize “art that was just there all at once…like getting hit in the back of the neck with a baseball bat” – Mindfuck is a glorious ride through hilarity and abjection, humiliation and futility, aggression and sexualisation.
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Bruce Nauman Mindfuck_07

Bruce Nauman Mindfuck_08

Bruce Nauman Mindfuck_09
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Bruce Nauman_Mindfuck_04

Bruce Nauman_Mindfuck_02

Bruce Nauman_Mindfuck_01

Bruce Nauman Mindfuck_06
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Bruce Nauman Mindfuck_05

Bruce Nauman_Mindfuck_05