Photographers are at their best when shooting scenes and topics that interest them and if his portfolio is anything to go by, Polish born Radosław Pujan obviously has a keen eye for women and landscapes. The now Brussels-based snapper specialises in black and white shots of portraits of women that ooze sensuality, eroticism and seduction. His latest series Femininity follows that exact pattern, with a series of shots that show his admiration for the female form.
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Radoslaw Pujan_01

Radoslaw Pujan_02

Radoslaw Pujan_03

Radoslaw Pujan_04

Radoslaw Pujan_05
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Radoslaw Pujan_06

Radoslaw Pujan_07

Radoslaw Pujan_08

Radoslaw Pujan_09

Radoslaw Pujan_10

Radoslaw Pujan_11

Radoslaw Pujan_12

Radoslaw Pujan_13

Radoslaw Pujan_14
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Radoslaw Pujan_15

Radoslaw Pujan_16

Radoslaw Pujan_17

Radoslaw Pujan_18