So, the news is finally out, after seven Tour de France wins Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to doping, using banned substances during all his Tour wins. In Lance Armstrong’s exclusive interview with chat show host queen Oprah Winfrey on her OWN Network, he finally cleared the air and all his dirty laundry in public. In a frank and open conversation, the show opened with the question: “Yes or no did you ever take banned substances to improve your performance?” It started the mood with Armstrong stating without pause, “Yes.”

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Questions continued asking if he used EPO, other banned substances like steroids, transfusions, testosterone and if he used Performance Enhancing Drugs in all seven of the Tour de France victories? The answer: “Yes” to all. So Armstrong was a liar and is now without doubt shamed for all he has done before. Armstrong went on to say how he doped; “I viewed it as very simple.
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We had things that were oxygen boosting drugs, for want of a better word, that were incredibly beneficial for endurance sports and that’s all you needed. My cocktail, so to speak, was only EPO, but not a lot, blood transfusions and testosterone.
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” The testosterone abuse showed his sheer arrogance at the doping process by using his testicular cancer as a reason for levels being above normal.
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Despite all his many mistakes and his admissions, there  can be no doubt that his charity work has been fantastic he has raised billions for cancer research through Livestrong. He said he never used doping on his comeback and the last time he doped was in 2005, but do we believe him… now, who knows what to believe. Lance Armstrong’s star has well and truly lost all its sparkle.
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