Salt Lake City, Utah based film production company Vita Brevis Films have created a stunning video that charts a once in a lifetime trip to Southern India. The team traveled on the don of all Indian transport, the Royal Enfield, as they made their way from Chennai to Pondicherry on motorbikes. India is one of the few countries in the world that capture your heart, mind and soul when spending your time there and it was this truly eye opening experience that Vita Brevis Films wanted to portray – the actual experience of being in India on the streets with thousands of cars, tuk-tuk’s, cows, goats, and dogs. Chennai to Pondicherry: A Motorcycle Tour of Southern India is a short film that takes you to past all the amazing sites and scenes along the coast of Southern India.
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[vimeo w=640&h=320]

Chennai to Pondicherry_01

Chennai to Pondicherry_02

Chennai to Pondicherry_03

Chennai to Pondicherry_04
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Chennai to Pondicherry_05

Chennai to Pondicherry_06

Chennai to Pondicherry_07

Chennai to Pondicherry_08

Chennai to Pondicherry_09

Chennai to Pondicherry_10

Chennai to Pondicherry_11

Chennai to Pondicherry_12

Chennai to Pondicherry_13

Chennai to Pondicherry_14

Chennai to Pondicherry_15

Chennai to Pondicherry_16

Chennai to Pondicherry_17

Chennai to Pondicherry_18

Chennai to Pondicherry_19

Chennai to Pondicherry_20

Chennai to Pondicherry_21

Chennai to Pondicherry_22

Chennai to Pondicherry_23

Chennai to Pondicherry_24

Chennai to Pondicherry_25