2012 A Film – 366 days in 366 seconds

2012 was one hell of a year, the Olympics, Queens jubilee, Obama wins power again, trouble in Syria, same sex marriage debates and not to mention the world was meant to end. It didn’t luckily and so Jonathan Britnell, a producer from Austin, Texas was able to finish his unique film project entitled 2012. 366 days. 366 seconds. The captivating film is an edit of 366 one second films taken each day of the year (yes it was a leap year) – one year in just 366 masterful, sublime seconds. 2012 never looked so good and there is not a Union Jack in sight!

Jonathan Britnell 2012_01

Jonathan Britnell 2012_02 Jonathan Britnell 2012_03

Jonathan Britnell 2012_04 Jonathan Britnell 2012_05

Jonathan Britnell 2012_06 Jonathan Britnell 2012_07

Jonathan Britnell 2012_08 Jonathan Britnell 2012_09

Jonathan Britnell 2012_10 Jonathan Britnell 2012_11

Jonathan Britnell 2012_12 Jonathan Britnell 2012_13

Jonathan Britnell 2012_14

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