As part of the inaugural Lausanne Lumières, a festival of light in Lausanne, Switzerland, eleven artists have created original installations for ten central venues. Each illuminated design creating a contemporary and innovative but also suitably festive atmosphere in the heart of the city. The stand out piece is Flux Cocoon Bridge in the heart of the city, conceived by design and architecture company, Allegory.

Flux Cocoon has been inspired by the Flon, the main hub of the city, where all the streams meet. Where the bridge and tower elevators meet, where the horizontal and vertical pedestrian flows intersect, creating a node, materialised by a cocoon of LED-based red light. A primary structure is based on the existing truss bracing and the tower.

Lausanne Lumières in Lausanne, Switzerland is on now until January 2 2013.

Photos : © Laura Rimayati