The poem,  ‘For Those Lost, Just Not Forgotten’ by New York-based Brazilian Chateau Bezerra, has been visualised by the award-winning American director Cole Webley. The result is a stunning representation, that mixed with Adam Taylor’s music, captures Bezerra’s sad, lonely, longing words so perfectly. Enjoy…
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[vimeo w=640&h=360]

In the vacuum of leaving and being left,
People are made.
The loved and lost.
The rejected and the survivor.

Life disciplines in silence.
Teaching when our mentors are gone.
In the light that creates shadows,
The darkness that craves the Sun.

Our comings; and our goings.
Our meetings and departings.
Make of boys, fathers
and women, daughters.

And the people that are made.
In the vacuum of leaving and being left,
Are never lost, just forgotten.

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