It comes as no surprise that being of St. Lucian heritage I’d be drawn to this act, but St. Lucia are going to be on your summer playlist as soon as you hear their first EP, that’s a promise. It is good to know that music now has an act that can truly justify being the namesake of the idyllic island. St. Lucia is mesmerizing atmospheric electro-pop that hints to the 80s whilst remaining firmly routed in the present. Sip a Mai Tai and transport yourself to a Castries beach.
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Jean-Philip Grobler, aka St. Lucia, is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa but now resides in Brooklyn, New York, where even, surrounded by the many musicians here, Grobler’s tale is definitely a dinner party belter. St. Lucia grew up performing with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, an exclusive Christian  100-strong choir school in South Africa. The school is unlike anything else on the planet; when the choir wasn’t traveling – they toured Japan, Australia, Europe and more – they stayed in an enclave tucked in the mountains, learning everything from Bach to minimalist opera.
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After leaving classical music behind Grobler left to Liverpool, England for three years to study music amongst the history of some of the finest musicians ever to grace a stage. St. Lucia’s journey ended – as so many journeys do – in New York City, where he started working on the tracks that would ultimately turn into his self titled debut release on Neon Gold. The atmospheric quality of St. Lucia’s electronic pop is powerful, with the musician’s global travels and history of secret hideaways effortlessly passed onto the audience through his dreamy, shimmering synths which had many at SXSW crooning over him.
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Get set to hear a lot more about St. Lucia, both the music and if you were that dumb, the island too.

St. Lucia’s debut album will be released later in the year on Neon Gold.