Last week saw a launch that heralded a new way of artists collaborating with drinks brands, as British street artist D*Face and leading vodka brand Smirnoff created both an immersive theatre experience and a unique customised bottle. Taking place at the iconic East London venue Wilton’s Music Hall, the oldest surviving music hall in the world, 250 handpicked creatives from music, art, performance art and fashion were the lucky ones to bag the exclusive limited edition bottle.
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The theatrical event inside the main hall saw ‘drones’ form a virtual factory line, bringing the creative process to life and adding to anticipation of the eager crowd longing for their bottle. Inside the purpose-built box five workers took to creating Dean Stockton’s (a.k.a. D*Face) vision; bottles were removed from one of the ‘factory’ walls and hand cast in concrete before being adorned with D*Face’s signature artwork via stencils the artist had created specially for Smirnoff.
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Each of the lucky attendees on the night were gifted with one of the exclusive bottles that forms part of a limited edition run of 250.
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Marking a stark change from the usual dance music policy of Smirnoff events, it was a refreshing dip into the drink and art space that has so far been owned by Beck’s and Absolut. In creating one of their extraordinary experiences, Smirnoff found the perfect collaborator in D*Face, who saw the flaws in typical collaborations and turned it on its head for the better. He said; “The ‘art bottle’ path is well trodden.
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When I was first approached by Smirnoff, this couldn’t just be another shrink wrapped bottle where the artist has almost been removed from the equation. It was critical to me that the end result stood out and I think this collaboration reflects that.”

The only question remained… do I drink the vodka and really appreciate the hard work, or savour it as a treasured art piece… I think I’ll go for the latter.

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For more information on the collaboration visit here.