British artist Antony Gormley, famous for his huge steel-based sculptures, is exhibiting a special project entitled, ‘Facts and Systems’ (Fatos e Sistemãs) at a temporary White Cube Gallery space in São Paulo, Brazil. The ‘Facts and Systems’ installation is comprised of two new series by the Angel of the North sculptor and is on now until July 15. In one room industrial steel-block stacked works of Gormley are on display, while the other space holds a display of his more linear sculptural pieces, formed from 6mm steel, curved in various directions. Despite the differing style and form, each of the pieces are the artist’s attempt to describe the essence of inhabiting a certain space, at a particular point in time.
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To understand Gormley’s work one needs to feel with the skin and assess with the eyes, but at the same time surrender oneself to the essential presence of an object. From a distance, Gormley’s installations of multiple works in open spaces may seem obsessive, static and repetitive. When approaching the work, however, much more is revealed. Space is the subject of his enquiry; how it is enclosed by architecture and displaced by the body. The work
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“I question the notion that retinal response is the only channel of communication in art, and the notion that objects are discrete entities. I want the work to activate the space around it and engender a psycho-physical response, allowing those in its field of influence to be more aware of their bodies and surroundings” says Gormley.
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Always moulding his figures on his own body, Gormley engages with urban reality in the same way that a performer occupies an arena.
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Yet by imposing stillness, scale, weight and volume the work bring awareness of our condition: ‘still being’.
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