This brilliant new video by San Francisco-based French videographer Clemence Demerliac on art with a social conscience features an interview with street artist Hugh Leeman. The beautifully shot video showcases Leeman’s diverse work on social projects and advertising for the homeless through his billboard takeovers and his not-for-profit inner city t-shirt project.
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[vimeo w=640&h=360]

In removing ad posters and billboards from the inner city streets, Leeman’s high aspiration is to change the ad’s original intent from directing our state of consumption to one that better reflects the people and ideas of our society. Through this re-contextualization, he hopes to show not just the subjects, but our society, in a new and dignifying light.
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Who ever said street artists were just a nuisance to society? Leeman really does show the true beauty in creatives helping others through their craft.

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