Rhode Island-based photographer Rachel Hulin has found a unique way of taking snaps of her baby, Henry. It was a chance moment when exhausted and bored on an assignment, Hulin thought it might be fun to make her baby fly, so Henry did and the result is a series of surreal images that are anything but the normal family album snaps.

“The photo was sort of magical in an unexpected way and I wanted to make more,” Hulin said. She posted the photograph on Facebook and soon there was a flurry of comments. “Some people like the cute ones, some people like the spooky ones,” she said. “It’s an interesting litmus test.”

“I felt like the pictures could show the world that babies inhabit that is all their own. I wanted the flights to feel genuine… These are places we are really in everyday, it’s not a cut-and-paste job on random interiors and landscapes.”