Mumbai-based artist Shilpa Gupta, one of the most significant artists working in India today, presents her first UK solo exhibition, ‘Someone Else’ at Arnolfini in Bristol. The collection of surrealist, mixed-media pieces explores the development of modern politics by examining notions of technology, human rights, militarism, and security and the development of these fields upon contemporary artistic reality. Gupta’s exhibition launches the series ‘a parallel universe-alternative realities and co-existing worlds’, a year long series of installations within Arnolfini’s gallery space.

The exhibition will present new work alongside a key selection of works by Gupta from recent years, including her major installation ‘Singing Cloud’,  an amorphous cluster of 4,000 black microphones suspended from the ceiling. Rather than registering sound, the microphones are reverse-wired and emit sounds that travel in ripples over the surface, created through abstracting the results of psychological tests on numerous individuals about the reception of images. A nine minute and thirty second audio channel produced by the piece is played on repeat as the sound rhythmically flutters across the surface of the piece, moving from one side of the cloud to the other.

‘There Is No Border Here’ is a wall drawing made from yellow strips of self-adhesive tape, spelling out a sentiment written by the Gupta in block lettering, reading:

“I tried very hard to cut the sky in half, one for my lover and one for me, but the sky kept moving and the clouds from his territory came into mine. I tried pushing it away, with both my hands, harder and harder but the sky kept moving and clouds from my territory went into his. I brought a sofa and placed it in the middle, but the clouds kept floating over it. i built a wall in the middle, but the sky started to flow through it. I dug a trench, and then it rained and the sky made clouds over the trench. I tried very hard to cut…”

Shilpa Gupta’s ‘Someone Else’ in at Arnolfini, Bristol from March 3 to April 22.