American artist Gregory Euclide has developed a microcosmic landscape entitled ‘Held Within What Hung Open and Made To Lie Without Escape’ made from trash. The items, all taken from Central Park helped sculpt a world depicting what the artist sees as the ‘same kind of fake control over nature that allows us to be comfortable with the destruction of it‘. The installation takes pride of place Museum of Arts and Design’s ‘Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities’ exhibition in New York.

The large landscape painting is set within a gilded frame that is interrupted by paper-as-water flowing from the canvas into the gallery space which then evaporates from a riverbed. Boulders are cast from the rocks taken from Central Park, while the grass is formed from glue, paint and hair.
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On the right side of the work, several cut plastic bottles are clustered together, existing as miniature isolated environments within the piece.
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