Fairy-tales always end perfectly don’t they? If you’ve ever wished the writer had gone a bit darker with the last chapter and wondered what the ending would be like if they did, then Thomas Czarnecki’s ‘From Enchantment To Down’ will be right up your street. The Paris-based photographer has shot a series of snaps depicting fairy-tale heroines in scenes that nod more to Tim Burton than to Hans Christian Andersen.

Ranging from The Little Mermaid washed up on a beach shore to Alice in Wonderland trapped in an abandoned basement, Snow White flat down in a disused car park and Cinderella, the twisted series illustrates an alternate ending to the well-known narratives, offering a dramatic contrast to the child-like nature of the original story. Haunting and disturbing, the collection of photographs show a great level of intricate detail and are all intimate and playful in their own right.

Images courtesy of Thomas Czarnecki