Despite growing individualism, we seem increasingly more alike. Holding a mirror up to human nature, spatial artist Joachim Van Den Hurk and photographer Lisa Klappe ask whether the quest for prosperity and freedom is making us like grey, bored and scandalous birds as their project Decadent Pigeons returned to its original home Barcelona. The show at Gallery Casa Elizalde asked the question… how paradoxical that despite growing individualism instead we’re increasingly more alike? See it happening around you: loss of identity, depravity of mind and lack of moral strength.
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Those arriving at the launch night last month were invited to take their own Decadent Pigeon home with them, in the shape of a tattoo.
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Tattoo artist Darko Oneness continued his series of ‘iconic pigeon’ tattoos he started for Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk when the show hit Eindhoven last year. In Barcelona 14 visitors took a ‘pigeon’ home with them.