London-born, British typographer Ben Eine, a.k.a. Ben Flynn, shot to international fame when British Prime Minister, David Cameron gave Barack Obama one of his works on his first state visit. However, the residents of East London knew his work long before for his series of letters across the streets of Shoreditch, most famously, ‘Alphabet Street’ a series of shopfront shutters and murals he painted in his trademark colours and typography in Middlesex Street, by Petticoat Lane. The latest EINE work has appeared in Mexico, typically telling a story of local urban sub-culture in his own colourful words.

Eine, born in 1970, has been making his mark for over 20 years, his bright, colourful letters have transformed streets around the world in cities including L.A., San Francisco, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Stockholm, San Diego, Miami as well as his home city of London. His most recent solo show at White Walls gallery in San Francisco sold out prior to opening.  He was also included in the biggest exhibition of street art to date ‘Art in the Streets’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Los Angeles.