Tokyo’s InterCommunication Center (ICC) is currently showing a unique interactive installation piece by Seiko Mikami, ‘Desire of Codes’. The large-scale exhibition is a complex mixture of the past and the present, fed by images from the cameras in the installation, as well as, images from surveillance cameras at public places around the world. With the exhibition space that seems as if it has a life of its own, visitors are able to experience the metamorphoses of time and space resulting from today’s information technology and the interactions it creates.

‘Desire of Codes’ is comprised of three component parts, with 90 wall-mounted devices equipped with sensors and micro cameras, as well as, six robotic arms suspended from the ceiling and equipped with cameras and projectors. Each device detects the position and movement of viewers, hovers insect-like toward them, and monitors them. At the end of the exhibition space is a large, circular screen reminiscent of an insect’s compound eye with 61 hexagonal screens inside it, onto which a complex mixture of images is projected from the past and the present – a selection of images from the cameras in the installation; as well as images from surveillance cameras around the world.

‘Desire of Codes’ poses the question, “What new desires do we have, now that we live in an information-oriented environment and have perceptions shaped by that environment?”

Seiko Mikami, ‘Desire of Codes’ is on now at InterCommunication Center, Tokyo till 18 December.