Japanese designers So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi have created a modern day ‘Weird Science’ robot that instead of being the perfect woman, is a bot that creates stunning graffiti art. The Senseless Drawing Bot is definitely not as aesthetically pleasing as Kelly LeBrock’s Lisa in the cult 80s movie, but the anarchic movement from its double pendulum, abstract lines and circular shapes created dynamically in real-time, provides the true expression of graffiti – rebellion and chaos.

The modified electric skateboard with double pendulum detects the direction of the pendulum’s movement by a rotary encoder at its fulcrum, which amplifies the bots wobble by moving right and left. If it passes over the threshold, it draws to a wall in a twinkling. The work simulates an act of graffiti by extracting the dynamism of the process of drawing by eliminating the human body and assertion from the ultimate expressionist doodle action of the modern era – “graffiti”.

Are robots going to take over the world, just maybe, but we still prefer man and spray can best…

Senseless Drawing Bot was shown at “UTOPIA no OSHIRASE” exhibition in Tokyo.