Australia’s Bondi Beach region is home to the best smoothies around at Boost Juice, the best breakfast at Le Paris-Go, some great views and steaks (at a cost) at Icebergs and now a very talented young photographer, Akila Berjaoui. I have for long been a fan of Australian women, since two years I spent with model Stephanie Braniff, an amazing woman who taught me that not all Aussies are snakebite swigging, Walkabout going, loud fans of all sports. The Australian that exists in Bondi and Melbourne is generally a cosmopolitan, laid-back, culture vulture who would rather run around or be hanging out with mates talking about culture and life than be out drinking till the early hours.

Akila, captures this spirit beautifully, with her natural, earthy and homegrown style of photography that has captured the imagination of some of the country’s biggest brands and magazines. She says that her inspiration comes from the images of ‘Playmates’ in 60s and 70s Playboy Magazines, capturing her subjects stripped down and often with very little clothing in typically rural locations and often wearing boy pants (a personal favourite of mine)…

See what you think, admire the beauty of the models, but take a second to think about the creativity behind the shots that will leave you gasping for breath and craving more. Worry not, there is a link after you’ve seen all.

For more of Akila Berjaoui’s beautiful shots visit her site here.