Over in Berlin today is a new project from the clever, creative folk at MADE, ‘SCRATCH’N’CUT – All Remix Everything’ sees artists from differing genres get together and collaborate to create a unique and wonderful creative clash. The exhibition celebrates all that is ‘the remix’, it is a staple of the music, film and art world at the moment, using original content and flipping, scratching and turning it on its head.

Curated by Lukas Feireiss, the exhibition features the works of Jonas Liveröd, Daniel Gonzalez, Eclectic Method and the indisputable talent of Jamaica’s dub legend and artist, Lee “Scratch” Perry. The installation showcases the fusion of live music, video animation, sculpture and graphic design art in a multidisciplinary feast for the senses that challenges your perception of originality and what you can do with it.

The remix is most common in music, think Jamie xx, the introvert DJ who as part of XX is a genius who can create masterpieces from a few laid-down beats. Jamie’s work with the late, great Gil Scott-Heron, before his untimely death, managed to bring a cult, but entirely under the radar musician, into the ears of mainstream music fans, allowing the brilliant lyricist to attract a brand new audience with the hit, ‘I’m New Here’. Even the new darling of critics, Lana Del Rey has seen her stock rise with Odd Future’s DJ/producer Syd the Kyd remix of her double A side track ‘Blue Jeans’. There will also be a remixed version of the cult film Oddboy remade by the controversial Spike Lee – imagine how that will be?

Dust of your Technics 1210′s and get creative tonight in your bedroom, studio – maybe even remix a painting on the wall – ‘SCRATCH’N’CUT – All Remix Everything’ somehow infuses you with the need to get mashing up all the old art you have.
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SCRATCH’N’CUT – All Remix Everything runs from October 28 to November 28 at MADE, Berlin.
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