With an increasing amount of music now consumed online, British music streaming website we7 has created an interactive Musical Map, using the UK’s most streamed artists of 2011. we7 acts your own personal DJ and creates personalised radio stations based on the music you love. The Music Map reveals who the population of the UK are listening to online from we7’s 9.5m database of songs and the digital version is fully interactive, allowing users to immediately begin listening to radio stations based on the UK’s most popular artists this year.

Click on an artist or genre on the map and we7 will take you on a musical journey playing songs from and similar to those artists or genres.
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The map’s abilities are based on the site’s smart functionality that will create personal radio stations based on what artists, songs or genres users say that they love.
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Enjoy the all singing all dancing interactive map:


The map offers an important insight into which artists’ music fans consider to be timeless in their genre. Long-established artists Prince and David Bowie feature as well as more recent chart-toppers Lady Gaga and the XX, revealing that the UK population, while consumed by the marketing juggernauts of contemporary artists, still enjoy a golden oldie.