It is the buzz for all the brands at the moment to get their fingers on creative talent, immerse themselves in their world and bathe in their murky bath water. Online web shop ASOS is joining in on the action with their Urban Tour. In association with trendy lifestyle magazine VICE, ASOS is looking for the most interesting young people in London, New York, Berlin and Paris. ASOS is one of the biggest online clothing retailers on the planet. They have customers all over the globe so it is understandable that they are intent on finding people with a global appeal and outreach. Clever marketing combined with expert ecommerce strategy has enabled ASOS to rise to the top.

In the second feature from the two super brands, New York artist and designer Jack Greer chats while at his Brooklyn-based studio. The laidback and surprisingly cool Jack (is it just me or a most designers geeks?) allows viewers to peek through the curtains and learn about his lifestyle. Jack is seen discussing what defines his playful aesthetic and how creativity has shaped his life.


Finding what creatives do in their spare time at think, work and play is a brand’s dream. The results from ASOS and VICE’s findings seem to find that they all spend little time worrying about what their contemporaries are doing, and instead focus on making their own way in the world with a zeal and zest for their life that belies the theory that creatives are always on the look out for inspiration from others.

For more information and to see the rest of the ASOS Urban Tour in association with VICE series, check out the site here.