Thursday night in East London’s Hearn Street Car Park venue saw London creatives, trendsetters and free drink lovers descend on the large warehouse-feel space for an evening full to brim with music, film and an extremely popular photo booth to celebrate leading fashion and lifestyle magazine VICE, launching their new website VICE.COM.

The party that saw just about all the skinny jeans, logo tees, Supreme hats that you can possibly find in the whole of London descend on Shoreditch. The night was as much about VICE showcasing all they can do and all they are to sponsors and big brands as it was about putting one kick arse show for their target readership. Tom Vek, Factory Floor and Giggs were the names drafted in to perform to the throng of people gathered at the multi-layered venue.

The bespectacled Tom Vek is a phenomenon, he has somehow managed to disappear from music for the duration of his late twenties after the success with We Have Sound in 2005. The album never set the charts on fire, but critics and indie aficionados lauded the arrival of an artist that strayed from the norm.

Vek’s latest album Leisure Seizure, has shown a mature Vek come back with some his finest yet. Current single, ‘Aroused’ was his first track on Thursday, the audience dancing as if they were being taken to an existential, out of body dimension where their bodies had lost all their British rigidity. The crowd forgot all about the free bar by this point and Vek had the 400-odd crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. TV presenter and DJ Nick Grimshaw, Spector’s lead singer Fred McPherson, Independent writer Gillian Orr were amongst some of the faces spotted jiving away.

Huge projections also showcased VICE’s teaser premiere for the first chapter in a collaboration with Grolsch Film Works, that features Top Gun’s Ice Man, Val Kilmer. The project will spawn a trilogy of films, each helmed by a different international director, including Harmony Korine in the US, Russia’s Aleksei Fedorchenko and Poland’s Jan Kwiecinski. In the Harmony Korine-directed chapter, Kilmer takes the lead role as a motivational speaker.

VICE have always been good at throwing parties, this was no exception, in Vek the party had a focal point, a designated leader that could orchestrate the throng. We just feel sorry for were those who went home to nurse their sore heads by the point he went on stage. That will teach you… just because the drink is free, don’t order five at a time and drink like there may be no more left by the time you go back; drink responsibly then you get to enjoy it all much more.

Go check out the new look website here.

All images are courtesy of Victor Frankowski.

Article by Andrew Soar seen first on Think-Work-Play – a virtual clubhouse for the creative community.