As part of London Design Week, British furniture brand Established & Sons celebrated the creative force of the capital city with ‘My London’, a series of global which looks to the heart of the city and creative minds who live, meet and work there. A select group of London-based and international names from the worlds of design, art and architecture were invited to work on collaborations, installations and objects that define their idea of the city.

Japanese architects Nendo, took ‘My London’ and interpreted the vision of creative London through an installation at the Established & Sons’ North London showroom. Hundreds of 16 randomly selected small maps of London neighbourhoods were printed onto tracing paper and hung to the walls of the exhibition space; creating an installation piece that transports viewers to the feeling of standing in London fog.


It seems that this trend of pasting items on walls is not looking like faltering, recent Post-It note works have a similar feel to the work on show at Established & Sons and despite being visually stunning and awe-inspiring how much work has gone into it, it feels a bit done before… unfortunately if you want to check it out you are too late as it closed today, but it will be touring other cities, so watch out for one near you.


Established & Sons is an innvoative design company that has looked to promote the best that is up and coming British talent and focuses on producing and representing all that is great in contemporary design.