Moon River turns Star River as New York’s Hudson captures the constellations that lay above it each and every night. Artist and keen astronomer John Morris, upset that New Yorkers were unable to see the reflective beauty of the night’s sky because of the city’s lights, decided it was time to give star gazers the chance to see the constellations once again with his project, ‘Reflecting the Stars’.

‘Reflecting the Stars’ is causing quite a splash stateside, as the tide changes, 201 lights take on different constellation patterns for visitors to cast their eyes over the Hudson and view a watery big dipper, orion’s belt or ursula major and ursula minor. Activated by visitors themselves, the changing tide allows nature to maintain a hold over the installation and keep mother nature at the heart of it.

Morris enlisted the help of a star-studded line up, including industrial designer Andy Baker and Google’s software engineer Adam Berenzweig. As long as the LED lights last, the Hudson will play host to a galaxy not so far away for New Yorkers on a nightly basis.

So leave your telescope at home and wave goodbye to a creaky neck and go gaze at the stars in comfort.
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Reflecting the Stars will feature as part of NYC Climate Week, September 19-26

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