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Deliberately secretive and vague seems to be the choice of stage persona for many musicians du jour. SBTRKT exclusively performs in his face-obscuring mask, Is Tropical have bandanas to hide their identity and WU LYF have developed their very own unintelligible language, all creating a cult following in the process. Bluebell is no exception, without any information on their website or Facebook we are given to freedom to revel in our own interpretation.

There are a few things we do know though. Bluebell is comprised of vocals from pint-sized Annabel Jones and producer Charlie Westropp, culminating in the pair creating a melodic synth pop sound. Annabel is the daughter of The Monkees’ Davy Jones and previously fronted the band, Lady and The Lost Boys, but with Westropp she has music bloggers cooing. Obviously not one for mass self-promotion, when it comes to their biography, they simply state, “all of these songs are written about people you know and we thank them for creating BLUEBELL.”

Their first (and only) published song ‘Normal Heights’ is a concoction of hazy melodies that nod to Tori Amos, as much as to Lykke Li, spiced with the momentary beauty of grand soundscapes that remind us of Sigur Ros’ more mellow moments. The songs tells a story about a guy Jones knew from California, charting his life and how their paths crossed. The visually beautiful video for ‘Normal Heights’, translates into a beautifully nostalgic DIY video that plays with the idea of forgotten days by the sea and teenage dreams of playful potency. Jones made the video herself by cutting and pasting footage and photographs from the subject of the song’s website, you feel that this relationship was pretty deep.

As we move more and more into Autumn, relive some of those joyous summer moments and get your hands on Bluebell now.


‘Normal Heights’ is available to download from Soundcloud here. For more information on the band check out their website and Tumblr.