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The creative imagination of French photographer, Gérard Rancinan is brought to life in the self-titled, ego-boosting exhibition ‘Rancinan in London’ this Autumn at Opera Gallery London. The highlight of the show opening on 12th September is surely going to be the larger-than-life photo series, ‘Metamorphoses’, which sees the artist’s look at the mutations shaking our world today.

Inspired by artistic masterpieces, Rancinan revisits mankind’s most ancient and significant interrogations and realises how pertinent these issues remain today. The result is a subjective and yet powerfully symbolic report on the planet’s most profound questions, against a backdrop of accelerated globalisation. It also seems that this view of a changing world sees us all shedding our clothes and wandering naked into the street in a weird naked riot gang.

The exhibition will also feature the series ‘Hypotheses’ and the brand new ‘Wonderful World’, which sees a series of shots that you feel would be the result of Tim Burton directing a Mickey Mouse Disney movie. Some of Rancinan’s most exquisite ‘Portraits’ of famous artists will also be on show with a stunning images of Zhanng Huan, Franko B and the delightful Monica Bellucci, showcasing each sitter’s soul, as well as their force and humanity.

Curated by Jean-David Malat, Rancinan deconstructs the great sagas of contemporary life and imprints his work with a sense of compelling hyper-reality.

‘Rancinan in London’ at Opera Gallery London, 134 New Bond Street runs from September 12 – October 2. For more information on the free exhibition visit here.