How does the underground make you feel? Three filmmakers from Silent Shout Studios & XXVI Productions have created ‘Between Lines’, a thought-provoking video showing just a snapshot of the environment London’s commuters are so familiar with.

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‘Between Lines’ begins with the eerie emptiness of stations before the buzz of rush hour, the film takes you on a journey through ‘a day in the life’ of the flurry of activity happening beneath our feet from dawn until dusk. Be it the hustle and bustle of crammed trains and platforms, reading the Metro or Evening Standard, traveling on the daily grind or out to play, sleeping against the carriage’s windows, or just circumnavigating the circle line whilst knitting – the tube is a hive of daily activity.

One of the filmmakers, Justin Rang said after shooting, “I use the tube almost every day, but having spent so long on it the last few days you develop a different outlook towards it. You begin to see how lonely & suffocating it actually is. Some lines like the Northern, Bakerloo, Waterloo and City or even stations like Baker Street hold so much history that they become ghostly sometimes.”

The makers shot over 10 hours of footage from all over London, capturing more than 150 people for just 6 minutes of film. The final edit has been put together with dreamy music from Cat Power, as a film ode to the people of London.

Once you have watched the film, you can’t help but fall back in love with the underground and forget all the delays, missed appointments and standing under a sweaty armpit on a packed train, that you may have experienced before.

To see more from Silent Shout Studios visit their website here.

Source – Think-Work-Play