Rocky, Cool Runnings, Breaking Away and Chariots of Fire are amongst some of the sporting blockbusters set to be screened on recycled fridges in East London as part of Films on Fridges, launching tomorrow.

Films on Fridges has resurrected Hackney’s Fridge Mountain, once Europe’s largest mound of discarded refrigerators, into a pop-up cinema for three weeks to create a uniquely chilling cinematic experience.

Set amongst the stunning backdrop of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, the launch tomorrow will coincide with one year to go till London is besieged with athletes from around the globe hunting for gold. London hasn’t had this much excitement about gold, since the cult TV show, Going for Gold, was in its prime.

As a tribute to the Olympic spirit, Films on Fridges has a notable line-up of sporting classics and UK premieres.

The event is being built by a group of volunteers who are today frantically putting the fridge amphitheatre in place so that visitors can enjoy the classic lines of “Adrian” and “Sanka, yah dead?”, whilst picking away at the obligatory popcorn.

The UK’s leading recycling centre, SIMS Recycling Solutions, have used the project as way to raise awareness of the issues of waste, reuse, and sustainability.

“Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get on up, it’s bobsled on fridges time!”

Limited tickets are still available from We Got Tickets