Which one would you use for you furry friend?

These dog poo bags are a funny, irreverent way to deal with the less desirable task of disposing of your dogs leftovers, and a lot better than a poop-a-scoop or the obligatory plastic bag turned inside out and your hand!

Designed by German designers jungeschachtel, the bags are 100% biodegradable and the easy built-in scooping action makes them hygenic as well, no more sniffing your fingers then.

Shit Happens

The eight different designs make light of the task in hand and less embarrassing to carry to the nearest bin, which is not always close by! Each box contains 16 bags with phrases such as ‘Size matters’, ‘Shit happens’ and ‘Scratch & sniff’ and are one size, so they’re suitable for all poo-poo sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

How to use...

These would make an excellent gift for any dog owner, especially if you are looking for a gift with a difference, or to add a little extravagance into someones life!