Jocelyn Allen - Being Grandad

‘One Is Not Like The Other’ by London-based photographer Jocelyn Allen is a series of portraits involving the artist with her relatives. Presented in diptych or triptych format, the collection explores the notion of an individual’s identity versus the dominant role in which genetics can play in one’s physical appearance and nature.

Jocelyn Allen - Being Mum


Jocelyn Allen - Being Dad

The subjects are captured in their natural, domestic setting which Allen loosely mimics with a self-portrait of herself in the same position, posture and clothes. Not unlike a ‘spot the difference’ game, the heightened level of similarities between the two photographs has the viewer drawing parallels between the figures as well as mapping the subtle facial features of the artist. Simultaneously, a self-portrait as well as a study of genetics, the series delineates in photographs how one can be the sum of many.


Jocelyn Allen - Being Nan


Jocelyn Allen - Being Rebecca


Jocelyn Allen - Being Caralyn


Jocelyn Allen - Being Jocelyn

One Is Not Like The Other will be exhibited at Guernsey Photography Festival: 1st June – 30th June at 11 Commercial Arcade, Guernsey