'Clever Little Shopper' - 100% biodegradable bags from Puma

Puma, the leading sports fashion retailer company will be hanging its old plastic shopping bags to dry in favour of the ‘Clever Little Shopper’,  a 100% biodegradable carrier bag composed entirely of cornstarch.The company will be one of the leading retailers in looking at ways to innovate and confirm their  ‘green’ credentials. This is the latest innovation from Puma, following on from their ‘Clever Little Bag’ last year, showcasing shoes sold without cardboard boxes and separate bags.

Clever Little Bag

The bag decomposes naturally within a three-month period, or can be dissolved in water in about three minutes.  The same biodegradable material will also be used for apparel bags in the company’s ‘Clever Little Packaging’ initiative.

Clever Little Shopper close-up

The change to the ‘Clever Little Bag’ saves approximately 8500 tons of paper and 1.5 million liters of fuel oil and diesel, while lightening the company’s electricity and carbon dioxide footprints. It is estimated that ‘Clever Little Shopper’ will save an additional 192 tons of plastic and 293 tons of paper each year.

Puma, truly Clever Little F*ckers!

See the bag vanish into a bowl of water – surely the future for all stores…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpEH6wQ7K8Q&w=640&h=390]

Puma’s eco-friendly packaging system will be on display at the Epic Sustainable Living Expo in Dubai, June 22 – 24.