After going back to where I once was a teenage tearaway in Northolt yesterday and seeing the old newsagent and its penny sweet emporium no longer there, I wondered… does anyone eat sweets like that anymore.Ok the super trendy Shoreditch House has jars of sweets that everyone goes to enjoy – only bad thing is their position – right by the toilets, cue issues with hygiene as we all know most guys don’t wash their hands. Artist Nicola Freeman is obviously a girl who shares my love for all things E numbers, and has came up with a giant sweet-toothed project as a part of her degree show at the University of Wolverhampton.

So there must be a legion of us out there demanding cola bottles (fizzy, sour, cherry), milk bottles, flying saucers, strawberry laces and all the other things that in today’s health conscious society re probably being banned by those that read the Daily Mail as we speak.

The four sweet sculptures on show – Love Hearts, Sweetie Watch, Sweetie Necklace, and Lolly Pop are oversized versions of the famous sweets and make this degree show just a little but more interesting, not to mention mouthwatering, as you walk around the oversized confectionery.

Dentist Disclaimer – “the sweets on display in Nicola Freeman’s work are not edible – do not try to eat them or you will end up with no teeth at all”

To find out more about Nicola Freeman’s work and read an interview with her, check out the CraftZine Blog.