Marco Tempest, the self-proclaimed 'technoillusionist'

Marco Tempest calls himself a ‘technoillusionist’ and has used modern technology to create the “magic of tomorrow” using iPhones, iPads and iPods.

In a short performance posted on his YouTube channel , the ‘virtual’ magician uses three synced iPhones to create several tricks of the eye as he discusses self-deception and the peers he looks up to.

Obviously the illusionist is not a member of the Magic Circle as he is open about the tools of his trade, Tempest admits to using an app he created called ‘MultiVid’ to link his iPhones to create the illusion.

Available for free, the app “designed for economic playback of video content in multi-screen synchronisation applications,” was created by the showman himself.


Tempest will be performing his state-of-the-art magic at the TED conference in Edinburgh in July.